Augustus Pablo (1954-99) & Junior Delgado 1958-2005- RIP Blackmans heart.-VIDEO IN HD

1993 – Augustus Pablo & Junior Delgado Showcase (A. Pablo & J. Delgado) Oscar Hibbert (born 25 August 1958 – died 11 April 2005), better known as Junior Delgado, was a Reggae Singer, famed for his roots style.
Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, he recorded with the group “Time Unlimited” in the early 1970s before Lee Perry produced his solo recordings. He recorded social comment song “Tition” in 1975 with singer Dennis Brown. Delgado’s debut solo album “Taste of the Young Heart” was released in 1979 and showcased his “raw moan” vocal style. He set up his own label Incredible Jux and was a regular visitor to Britain.
As well as working on his own music, Junior was also involved with the development of new artists such as “Spacek”, “Custom Blue”, “Yami Bolo” and the “White Mice”.
Delgado died 11 April 2005 in South London, England. His spokesman said the death had been unexpected but was believed to have been from natural causes. Read more

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