No Spendtember 2017 Week 4 Update | No Spendtember 2017 | $6,866

No Spendtember 2017 is DONE! All in all it was a learning experience. I learned alot about myself and what are my money pitfalls.

In this video I go over where I spent money this week, my total debt payoff amount in September (note: I only used September 1 and September 15 checks towards this month) and what my plans are for October.

Leave me a comment about how your No Spendtember went and if you will do a low spend/ no spend October 😉

Love Daring Greatly Episode 105


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My debt payment strategy:

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P.S the number in the title is how much I have left to reach my goal of 21k towards my debt in 2k17 NOT my total debt remaining

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